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Our Leather

Leather tanning is an ancient process where organic elements of barks and animal tannins are used to strip leather in preparation for dying. After months of preparation, the best hides are then dyed in large drums with an elaborate combination of dyes, essential extracts and fat liquors until the color and feel is perfect. A labor of love from master tanners, our full grain leather is never corrected or artificially enhanced. Far from an exact science, the production and selection of the best hides takes an artist eye. Its not a question of time or efficiency, but rather is it correct.

The true character of any leather good starts in its lifeblood. At the core is the care and quality we emphasize in selecting our leather hides. At over 100 years old, one of our suppliers, the Horween Leather Company has been a standard bearer for quality American tanning. Founded in 1905 by Isadore Horween, today, the companies mission remains the same, “Produce the best leather in the world. period.”  Five generations later in the same Chicago facility, they continue to produce ranges of exquisite leather. Like our artisans, we expect the best from our local and global leather.

Each Solomon Chancellor piece is 100% leather and produced using only the best full-grain vegetable re-tanned leather. Hand glazed and finished, there is a personal touch at every step of our production. Our skilled craftsmen make exacting cuts to ensure maximum use of our precious hides. We are meticulous and proud of it because this is what sets us apart. Minute marks are hailed as character rather than blemishes as each hide is an exclusive canvas that allows us to produce a 100% unique artwork for the owner. Our final product is supple but sturdy leather goods that will age gracefully for generations.