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Heir Of Wisdom

An Heir of Wisdom: Mr. Christopher Galloway

January 03, 2017

Name? Mr. Christopher Galloway

City? Washington D.C.

Occupation? Associate Director of Investment Advising at Allegiance Advisory Group.


Who is your greatest role model?

As an African-American, the first person that jumps to mind is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. My parents lived through the Civil Rights movement and its underlying foundation of liberation and economic empowerment has always inspired me. While King is certainly the most popular figure, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also highlight Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s mission of preserving black history for generations.

My parents taught me that excellence is essential and that it must be merged with education to create impact. They exposed me to the international world at a young age that would eventually lead to my work in finance abroad. In my field, Reginald Lewis’s story in “Why should White Guys Have All the Fun” has continued to motivate me. His work in Mergers and Acquisitions with Beatrice Foods is a shining beacon that I continue to aspire to.


What is the best piece of wisdom that you received? Who said it?

"There is nothing better than hearing your name on someone else’s lips" – Hugh Gouldthorpe

This taught me the idea that your good could precede you.


What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement was the time I spent in international banking. After the 2008 Financial Crisis, I advised some of the largest U.S. financial institutions on how to mitigate their risk related to credit losses. I co-led a bank regulatory team to mitigate losses for banks with an excess of $1 Trillion in assets and the possibility of billions in potential losses.


What is something you overcame to get there?

I grew up in Northern Virginia and my parents were adamant about education. While I played football at the University of Virginia, I didn’t get my MBA from a business school that had a Wall Street recruiting program. I started my career working at Kraft Foods on international treasury issues, but was offered an opportunity on Wall Street three years into my career. At Citigroup, under the new CFO's program, they began hiring people with non-traditional quantitative backgrounds to become CFOs. I worked my way up to working on over $100 billion in global capital market transactions.


What is your favorite family heirloom? What does it mean?

I am in possession of my family bible. At over 100 years old, it needs a new binding, but holds so much of the history of my family and our faith. My great grandparents held this bible and that is special.


How would you describe your style?

While I’m a gregarious extrovert who loves people, I’m also cautious and conservative in many situations. This manifests itself in my dress and I stick to a combination of casual and traditional business dress. In my youth, my friends and I at UVA sported the look of loafers, khakis, and a freshly pressed shirt.


How do you use your Solomon Chancellor piece?

I have a whole set of products so I use them daily for business, pleasure, and travel. I keep my notes in my Langston and take my Acheson on my weekend trips to watch UVA games, Go HOOS!

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